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Social Stats

A simple PHP class to fetch social stats like facebook comments, likes, shares, tweets, pins, delicious posts, stumbleupon views and many more!

Simple yet effective

SocialStats uses multiple methods to fetch stats. Incase there is something that is not supported by your host it will automatically fetch stats using a different way. No matter what type of hosting you use, it will work for sure.

Covers them all!

SocialStats supports multiple social networks, so you can get stats from any network you like. It also covers multiple options for some social networks. Check the documentation to get the whole list of these social networks.

Get a site FREE!

Don`t want to do coding at all? A copy of this demo website is provided to you with the PHP Class for free so you don`t have to worry about anything and can get a small site up in seconds. It takes just 5 minutes to get it up.